News from Dale Robertson’s desk

December 16, 2018

Over the past two years we have made considerable efforts towards implementing best practice health and safety standards across our entire management portfolio. With around 130 separate properties under management nationwide, occupied by about 350 tenants, this has been a significant undertaking, but one which is of crucial importance to our landlords, occupiers, contractors and visitors.
We have ongoing involvement with an independent health and safety consultant, who has praised the improvements we have made and procedures we have implemented to date. We are very pleased to have received this positive affirmation.
Our new Tauranga office (our first permanent office outside the South Island) is now bedded in to the business and our team there is overseeing the several properties we manage for Mitchell Mackersy investor groups in Tauranga & Mt Maunganui, as well as a large privately-owned portfolio of 20 warehouse properties for which we won the management contract this year.
Among our focuses in the final quarter of 2018 has been bringing the Spark headquarters on Willis St, Wellington, into our management portfolio. This involves establishing relationships with local facilities management suppliers and contractors to ensure we provide the best service to the building’s owners and tenants. This is a flagship asset which was recently acquired by the Mitchell Mackersy investor group Willis Street GP Ltd, which we are very proud to manage.