Anita Brosnan

Project & Compliance Manager


Anita joined the team at MHP in 2015. In early 2016 she was appointed to the newly-created role of Project and Compliance Manager, reflecting the importance of health and safety to MHP as a leading New Zealand manager of commercial, industrial and retail properties.

Anita has an extensive work history within the local government sector, where she was employed in numerous positions within the Finance and City Property units, over a period of 12 years. Prior to her departure from Dunedin City Council, Anita was responsible for the management of project, lease, and tenancy and administration elements of the property portfolio.

Anita has a wide range of experience and a comprehensive understanding of property management.  She believes in providing high quality and accurate information whilst also ensuring that all property requirements are met to an exceptional standard.

In addition to Anita’s role at MHP as Project and Compliance Manager, her attention is also focused on expanding MHP’s existing property portfolio in Dunedin and surrounding towns.

P:+64 (0)3 470 1318

M:+64 (0)21 317 905